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PPE (Personal Protective Clothing) is a crucial part in most industries, especially for industries, such as the engineering companies, construction companies, manufacturing / industrial companies, cleaning companies and many more.
PPE can include anything from safe helmets to gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, harnesses, respiratory protection equipment and more.

Why is PEE important?

PPE (Personal Protective Clothing) is used to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Although there are various ways to improve the safety in the workplace, PPE is one of the most important factors and the necessary regulations need to be adhered to at all times.

However, even when strict measures have been applied in the workplace, hazards still remain and that is why PPE is so important.

Different types of PPE:

It can also protect the wearer from chemical splashes, as well as temperatures.

These types of PPE can include safety helmets, bump caps, hairnets, firefighters’ helmets, as well as scarves.Sivion Trade & Engineering is a leading PPE supplier that provides superior quality products at affordable prices. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.